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Friedrichstr / BERLİN

Berrmak GmbH Friedrichstr. 95 10117 Berlin



Our Environmental Policy

To ensure sustainability and protect our environment, to keep environmental effects under control by complying with all environmental laws and regulations, to continuously improve our environmental performance by reducing its effects, and realizing this consciousness is to leave a clean environment livable for the future generations.

To ensure continuous development and improvement by providing all legal requirements related to the environment and customer requirements.

Considering environmental impacts in office investments.

To minimize all our wastes, to prevent pollution at the source, to recycle as much as possible, to dispose of our non-reclaimed wastes in a way that does not harm the environment, to reduce their impact on the environment.

To raise awareness about the environment by providing environmental training to our employees, suppliers, and subcontractors.

To continuously improve our environmental management system to increase our environmental performance.

It undertakes periodic reviews to achieve these goals and objectives.

Our Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Our company undertakes to provide and maintain the following aspects to protect the occupational health and safety of its employees and to continuously improve the working environment while carrying out its activities with the highest quality based on the principle of ”HEALTH AND SAFETY FIRST";

To ensure the elimination of occupational health and safety risks by taking precautions in advance,

To provide continuous improvement in OHS issues,

To comply with the legal legislation, administrative regulations, and rules of the organizations that are members of the OHS in force,

To provide training in order to ensure that both the direct company staff and the employees of the subcontractors who benefit are aware of their individual OHS responsibilities,

Periodically review the OHS Policy to maintain compliance with the requirements,

To mutually share the OHS experience gained with the public, private sector organizations and non-governmental organizations to ensure the continuous development of Occupational Health and Safety

Our Quality Policy

The sustainability of customer satisfaction by offering quality and reliable service to our customers, to continuously improve our products by following the innovations with our R&D studies, to continue our investments on a planned basis to ensure the sustainability of our quality, to increase the competitiveness of our company by continuing to develop continuously in our country and Europe.

Providing quality service to customers

Working in accordance with the Quality Management System

Complying with the rules of morality in all its activities and being honest

To ensure the satisfaction of customers

To constantly improving the system with the participation of all employees

Being a leader in innovations in the sector